• May 21, 2022

Why Does My Battery Light Not Go Away After Replacing Alternator And Battery?

Why does my battery light not go away after replacing alternator and battery? The most common is, again, a loose connection either with the control plug (aka “relay” plug-in), charging line connection, or the ground. The other is a blown fuse or defective connector or relay, which could have been broken or shorted when the alternator was installed or on the first start-up after its installation.

Why is my battery light on after changing alternator?

It is possible that the problems that you have been experiencing with the bad alternators have damaged the battery causing it to be weak. This would make the Battery Light come on. It is also possible that there is a problem with the fusible link or the alternator fuse for the charging system.

Why is my new alternator not charging my battery?

If you are sure that your alternator is working properly and yet your battery is still not charging, then it's possible that you have a bad voltage regulator in your vehicle. The voltage regulator keeps the right amount of electrical power flowing through the various electrical systems in your vehicle.

How long does it take for battery light to reset?

The message can reset by itself, but the car needs to sit undisturbed for at least eight hours. Perhaps with your work/driving schedule the car doesn't sit long enough.

Why does my battery light keep coming on and off?

The battery light indicates that your charging system has a flaw in it which may be a sign of a weak battery, a failing voltage regulator or failing alternator. When the alternator is not working properly, this may result in the battery quickly losing charge and the car losing all power as you have described.

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Why is my battery light not going off?

You've checked for and cleaned off any corrosion, and you've tightened up any loose battery cables. But your battery light is still on?! The culprit could be a mechanical issue, like a problem with the alternator or voltage regulator. Or, it could be something systematic, like faulty wiring.

Can a fuse cause battery light to come on?

Broken Fuse for charging system When this safety fuse breaks, the electricity supply that flows from the battery to the alternator and vice versa (from the alternator to the battery) will also stop. Termination of electric current from the alternator to the battery will cause the car battery lights on.

Can a blown fuse cause the battery light to come on?

There are many reasons why a car battery light comes on including a faulty battery, loose or dirty battery terminals, a faulty alternator, one or more blown fuses, a parasitic drain on the battery, or a snapped auxiliary belt.

How do you reset the check charging system light?

if you dont have a scan tool,you disconnect the negative battery terminal for about 10 minutes. then reconnect. the longer the disconnection the better. Left the negative terminal off for 3 hours, but the "check charging system" message still appears.

Is there a fuse between alternator and battery?

Most of the time, there's a high-amperage fuse or fusible link between the alternator's battery terminal and the battery. Also, there are usually low-amperage fuses in series with the alternator's sense terminal and ignition terminal. Like any fuse, the primary alternator fuse acts as a circuit protection device.

Why does my alternator light stay on?

What the alternator warning light means. When the light stays on, it indicates that the computer has detected an issue with the charging system. If this light illuminates, try to use only necessary accessories like windshield wipers or headlights so as to avoid excessively draining out the battery.

How do I test my alternator wire?

Is it safe to drive my car with the battery light on?

Driving with your Battery Light on is not a good idea. If the battery is bad, the alternator is faulty, or the wiring is bad, these can cause the vehicle to lose power and not operate like it normally would. The battery powers essential parts of your car, so it is a must have piece of equipment.

How do I reset my battery?

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  • Turn it on again and let it turn itself off.
  • Plug your phone into a charger and, without turning it on, let it charge until the on-screen or LED indicator says 100 percent.
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  • Does AutoZone check your alternator?

    Every AutoZone in the USA will check your alternator, starter, or battery at no charge.

    Why does battery light come on intermittently?

    If the battery warning light turns of and off intermittently, most likely your alternator will fail soon. The alternator's job is produce voltage and amperage to fill up the car's battery and keep the vehicle running. The battery warning light will come on to alert you that the battery voltage is not correct.

    What are the symptoms of a bad voltage regulator?

    Probably, the most common symptom associated with a bad regulator is flickering, dimming, or pulsing lights. To be more specific, you may notice that the vehicle's: Headlights fluctuate between bright and dim, without you doing anything.

    What does the green light on a car battery mean?

    Typically a light green dot indicates a fully charged battery. A dark green/black indicator on a maintenance-free battery typically indicates that the battery needs a charge. The electrolyte has gone through a chemical reaction; it's now closer to water.

    What does red indicator on car battery mean?

    The red battery light basically means that there is an issue with your alternator, your battery, or some other part of the charging system which could be as minor as cabling or as major as a computer malfunction.

    What causes the battery light to come on in my car and it overheats?

    It sounds like one (or both) of the accessory drive belt(s) that turn your alternator, water pump, and power steering pump is broken. This is why the battery light, overheating condition, and stiff steering all happened at the same time.

    Can a short cause battery light to come on?

    Yes, you can, for a short time. The light indicates that the alternator isn't charging the battery, which means your car's electrical system isn't getting the full power it needs. As we've mentioned, a faulty alternator is often the culprit when a battery light comes on.

    What happens if the battery fuse blows?

    Signs that you have a blown battery fuse varies from car to car but narrowing these symptoms down, we have these: Engine won't crank or start properly. Headlights and other lights are not working properly. You smell burning plastic or electrical insulation.

    How do I know if my alternator fuse is blown?

    Can a bad ECM cause alternator problems?

    If the vehicle requires more electricity, then it will alert the alternator that more electricity needs to be generated. Because the ECM is in constant communication with the alternator,if you have a bad ECM and the check engine light is not illuminated then it can greatly impact the way the charging system operates.

    How do you know if your charging system is bad?

    What does it mean when the check charging system light comes on?

    What's happening when the battery/check charging system light comes on? Whenever this light goes on, it means that the vehicle is running solely on battery power. If the problem continues and your charging system fails, the battery won't be able to recharge and it will soon run down, leaving you with a dead battery.

    What to do if battery light comes on while driving?

    If your battery light comes on, you should immediately turn off everything electrical in your vehicle except for the headlights in order to conserve whatever charge is left in the battery.

    Is there a fuse or relay for the alternator?

    Although all cars don't have an alternator fuse in them, the vast majority of them do. Alternator fuses are put into place to allow an alternator to operate. They're small fuses found in the fuse boxes of cars that control alternators and help to keep them up and running.

    Is there a fuse that controls the alternator?

    What fuse controls the alternator? There are 2 fuses for the alternator. One is usually a fusable link (wire) for connecting the stator diodes to the battery, and a lower value fuse (10 to 30 amp) for protecting the field (rotor).

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