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What Is The Difference Between Shimano Ultegra 6800 And R8000?

What is the difference between Shimano Ultegra 6800 and R8000? Shimano boasts that, β€œAt its lightest set up (Di2 with mechanical braking) Ultegra R8000 weighs 4,071g, which is an 84.5g saving over Ultegra 6800.” In some formats, outgoing Ultegra 6800 is actually a little lighter than incoming Ultegra R8000.

Will a 11-speed cassette fit on a 10 speed hub?

It will shift fine with a Shimano or SRAM 11-speed system. And in case any of you were wondering, if you have a 10-speed Shimano or SRAM system and buy a wheelset now, you can still run 10-speed cogs on that wheel. To put a 10-speed cogset on an 11-speed freehub, you just put a spacer behind the largest cog.

What is the biggest cassette for ultegra?

The 11-34T is the biggest cassette that Shimano recommends for use with its road groupsets.

What is the difference between 105 and Ultegra cassette?

Cassette. Both 105 and Ultegra are 11-speed systems. In both cases, the sprockets are made from nickel-plated steel, although an Ultegra cassette has a carbon/aluminium spider arm and an anodised aluminium lockring while a 105 cassette has an aluminium spider and a nickel-plated steel lockring.

Is Ultegra 6800 compatible with R8000?

Worthy of note: the new R8000 components are all cross-compatible with the previous 6800 generation and just about any other Shimano 11-speed mechanical groupset. This means that if you're on a recent 11-speed Shimano road groupset, you can mix and match many of the components reviewed here.

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Is ultegra R8000 good?

Ultegra R8000 verdict

Ultegra R8000 is best seen as an overall refresh of the venerable Ultegra 6800 groupset rather than a drastically new design β€” lots of small refinements make the groupset an absolute joy to use with braking and shifting that is largely indistinguishable in performance from Dura-Ace 9100.

Can I put a 10 speed cassette on an 8 speed hub?

Simply put - 8, 9, 10 speed cassettes all fit on the same hub. A seven speed cassette will fit on an 8 speed freehub with the use of a spacer.

Can I put a 12 speed cassette on 11 speed hub?

Can I use tiagra cassette with Ultegra?

Yes: no worries at all - all compatible, only difference is a bit of weight. He may need to change his chain though dependant on wear.

Are Ultegra cassettes worth it?

Yes, the Ultegra cassette is worth the extra money. No, the Ultegra rear derailleur is not worth the extra money. You can run a 105 rear derailleur on an otherwise Dura-Ace system and not tell the difference.

Do I need a new derailleur if I get a bigger cassette?

In most cases when increasing the cassette ratio the chain needs to be taller to prevent derailleur from stress positions on big cogs, and also for smooth pedaling and shifting, you can change it to a new one or add some links to the chain.

What is better than shimano105?

There is no longer any real technological difference between 105 and Ultegra, and the only real difference is that Ultegra is a lighter groupset. If you want to make, a cash value judgment go for 105 if you want to save weight go for Ultegra.

How long does an Ultegra cassette last?

Varies widely depending on riding habits, environment and maintenance. But if all these conditions are average, a 10-speed chain should last around 3,000 miles, with the cassette also ready for replacement at the time you install the third chain.

Can I use Dura Ace cassette with 105?

Similarly, there is no need to match the level of the chain and cassette to the rest of the groupset, so a 105 (5800) 11-speed cassette can be used with a Dura-Ace (9000/9100) 11-speed groupset.

When did Shimano Ultegra R8000 come out?

According to Shimano, Ultegra R8000 components (and equipped bikes) will start to arrive from August 2017 with prices yet to be confirmed.

Is ultegra R8000 electronic?

Impressive customization tools. Everything you need to make your ride distinctively yours. The new Ultegra R8000 series is taking our rider-tuned philosophy to the next level, with an extensive range of components for mechanical shifting, electronic shifting (Di2) and time trial / triathlon.

Is Dura Ace worth it over ultegra?

Although Dura Ace is considered to Shimano's out-and-out performance groupset, surprisingly, Ultegra is generally deemed to be much more versatile, mainly because of the lower range of gears that it offers. While Ultegra cassettes go all the way up to 34 teeth, Dura Ace cassettes only go up to 30 teeth.

Are Ultegra brakes Hydraulic?

The Ultegra R8000 group includes both hydraulic and rim-brake options.

Can you upgrade an 8 speed cassette?

Simply remove the current 8-speed cassette sprocket and replace it with a 9-speed cassette sprocket to convert to 9-speed. If your current wheel is an 11-speed wheel, it should have a 1.85mm low spacer in it, so you can use the spacer as is.

Are 8 and 9-speed cassettes the same width?

Same width, different spacing

Both 8-speed and 9-speed have the same freehub width, while the 7-speed is a bit narrower. You need a spacer behind a 7-speed cassette for it to fit on an 8-speed or 9-speed freehub.

Can I use a 9 speed derailleur on a 8 speed?

Condensed answer: 8 and 9-speed derailleurs have the same rear shift ratio but only when both models are made either by Shimano or SRAM. In consequence, a 9-speed derailleur can work just fine with an 8-speed cassette produced by the same brand.

Can 9 speed cassette change to 10?

The most you should need to do to allow a 10 speed cassette to work on most 9 speed hubs is install a spacer behind the cassette to make sure the cassette seats tightly. You can put a new 10 or 11 speed cassette on any of the older 9 speed hubs.

Will a 12 speed cassette fit on an 8 speed hub?

Registered. You can fit an 11spd or 12spd MTB cassette that uses the Shimano HG standard on any 8-9-10spd HG freehub body. So unless you're looking at 7spd hubs pretty much anything should work.

Can I use 10 speed derailleur with 12 speed cassette?

-10 speed shifter sets your throw to match the rear cassette. -chains have the same outer dimension, the 12 speed derailleur would have narrower cogs than what required for a 10 speed. -As long as you can set the high/low limits on the derailleur to keep it on the cassette it should be fine.

How many teeth does the biggest ring on a Shimano 12 speed cassette have?

Gear Range

The gear steps throughout the 10-51-tooth cassette are strategically designed for pedaling efficiency and optimal ride feel. The first eight cogs provide comfortable and familiar jumps between the gears (10-12-14-16-18-21-24-28), while the top four cogs (28-33-39-45-51) limit the size of jumps.

Are MTB and road cassettes interchangeable?

SRAM and Shimano cassettes, on either road or mountain bike, are interchangeable with each other as the spacing is the same between the sprockets.

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