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What Are Coffers In Dominion?

What are coffers in Dominion? Coffers are the supply of tokens a player has on their Coffers (or Coffers/Villagers) mat, which can be removed during their Buy phase, before buying anything, for + each. Coffers are represented by Coin tokens, which are also used by Villagers, Pirate Ship , Trade Route , and Sinister Plot .

How does coffers work in Dominion?

One Coffers is equivalent to $1 which can be used on any turn. Coffers can be saved for later; coins can't. This added ability makes +1 Coffers better than +$1. For example, if you have $4 and buy a Silver, you waste $1.

What does a villager do in Dominion?

[edit] Trivia

+1 Villager means you add a token to the Villagers side of your Coffers / Villagers mat. You can remove the token for +1 Action in your Action phase. It's a +1 Action you can save. The actual tokens are coins, but don't be fooled, they do double duty.

How do you play Dominion renaissance?

How many Dominion expansions are there?

The Dominion family of games has grown to include a 2nd Edition, eleven large expansions (including one acting as a base set), three small expansions, two update packs, eleven promotional cards, and a box containing just the basic treasure and victory point cards. These games and the expansions are listed below.

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How do projects work in Dominion?

Projects, introduced in Renaissance, are special, permanent, buyable effects not attached to cards. Players can buy Projects during their Buy phase whenever they might instead buy a card or Event; if a player buys a Project, its bonus or special effect is activated for them for the rest of the game.

What is exile in Dominion?

Exile is a place to put cards that was introduced in Menagerie. . If there are any cards in the Kingdom that use Exile, give an Exile mat to each player. When you Exile a card, you put it on your Exile mat. Exiling a card is not gaining it or trashing it.

What does capitalism do in Dominion?

Having Capitalism means you can play any number of Action cards with + amounts in your Buy phase (without using up Action plays). It also means that things that interact with Treasure cards also interact with those cards.

What cards are in Dominion renaissance?

Renaissance has:

  • 25 kingdom cards, 25 sideways cards, 12 wooden cubes, 6 playmats, and 35 tokens.
  • three Treasures, two Attacks, two Duration cards, and one Reaction.
  • fifteen uses for tokens.
  • sixteen uses of "trash"
  • a card with a word in quotation marks on it.
  • a card with only 3 words on it; a card with only 4 words on it.

  • How many cards do you get in Dominion prosperity?

    Kingdom 250 (25 sets)
    Basic 24
    Randomizers 25
    Blank Card(s) 1

    Can you mix Dominion expansions?

    For those of you who don't know, Dominion is a card game for 2 to 4 players. You can mix any base set with any expansion and any other base set from game to game. For instance, you can play with only cards from one, or cards from two, or cards from every version you own!

    Which Dominion game should I buy first?

    Dominion's first expansion (following Intrigue) is still regarded as the best. Released a year after the base game, Seaside focuses on setting up future turns through the use of Duration cards, which remain in play after the end of your turn.

    What cards are in Dominion hinterlands?

    Dominion Hinterlands Card List

    Crossroads Action $2
    Noble Brigand Action - Attack $4
    Nomad Camp Action $4
    Silk Road Victory $4
    Spice Merchant Action $4

    How do night cards work dominion?

    In games using Night cards, the Night phase happens after the Buy phase - it goes, Action, Buy, Night, Clean-up. In your Night phase, you can play any number of Night cards.

    What is a horse in Dominion?

    Horse is a non-supply pile. There are 30 of them. You get one via a card saying "gain a Horse" or something. If the pile is empty you can't gain one, but let's hope that doesn't happen much. So Horse is a one-use Laboratory ; it puts you up a card and then is gone.

    What is debt in Dominion?

    Debt (represented by the symbol ) is an alternate cost for some cards and Events in Empires . It allows the buyer to take tokens instead of paying the full cost of the card. Players who have. tokens may not buy cards, Events, or Projects.

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