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Is There Anything To Listen To On Shortwave?

Is there anything to listen to on shortwave? Question: So is there anything to listen to? Answer: Absolutely! Regular shortwave radio listeners already know the answer to this question. Sure, the landscape of the shortwaves is changing, but it's such a vast landscape that, even with a few major players dropping out, there is still so much to hear and appreciate.

Are there any shortwave radio stations left?

At the moment the major shortwave broadcasters are BBC, Voice of America, All India Radio, China Radio International, Radio Japan, Radio Romania, KBS Korea and Voice of Turkey and many more. No wonder most of the analog shortwave transmitters sold today are DRM-capable or ready.

What is the best time to listen to shortwave radio?

Shortwave signals vary greatly in strength depending upon the time of day, the sun, the ionosphere and interaction with the earth itself. Some bands are best listened to during the day, while others come in best at night. In general, the best time to use your shortwave radio is around sunrise and sunset.

Is shortwave radio illegal?

Shortwave broadcasting in the United States allows private ownership of commercial and non-commercial shortwave stations that are not relays of existing AM/MW or FM radio stations, as are common in Africa, Europe, Asia, Oceania except Australia and Latin America.

Is shortwave listening dead?

In fact, the BBC World Service no longer beams programming via shortwave to the Americas or most of Europe. “There has been a massive decline in shortwave listenership, especially in Europe and North America,” said Andy Sennitt. “Shortwave is still significant in much of Africa, South Asia and parts of Latin America.”

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Why is shortwave better at night?

As it turns out, the ionosphere reflects certain frequencies of radio waves. So the waves bounce between the ground and the ionosphere and make their way around the planet. You can pick up some radio stations better at night because the reflection characteristics of the ionosphere are better at night.

Is ham radio the same as shortwave?

A shortwave radio broadcasts stations that are in the shortwave range of the electromagnetic spectrum. Ham radio operates on a limited and licensed frequencies (bands) whereas shortwave radio operates on all frequencies, including all of the frequencies ham radios operate on.

How can I get better reception on my shortwave radio?

Does Sony still make shortwave radios?

Does Sony Still Make Shortwave Radios? The Sony brand has been very popular for many years among shortwave enthusiasts, and you can still buy new radios. The Sony ICF-SW7600GR has a built-in antenna for reliable reception and memory scanning functionality can cycle through up to 100 pre-programmed frequencies.

Can you still listen to shortwave radio?

You don't need a dedicated license to listen to news and entertainment on shortwave, but you do need a license for ham or amateur broadcasting. Though you might not be able to broadcast your own programs over shortwave like you can with ham, you do get a unique way to unlock information from all around the world.

What should I look for in a shortwave radio?

Frequency coverage. Shortwave frequencies are usually considered those from the upper end of the AM broadcasting band, 1700 kHz, up to 30 MHz. The minimum frequency coverage you should look for is 540 kHz to 30 MHz. Most shortwave radios sold today also tune down to 150 kHz, covering the longwave band.

Can I listen to shortwave radio on the Internet?

If you have a shortwave radio receiver of your own, you can use your SDR radio to connect it to your computer and listen in. If you live in an area where there's too much interference to use traditional shortwave radio, you can also tune in and listen through someone with a server.

Do I need a license to broadcast shortwave radio?

As a ham or amateur radio operator, you'll be allotted a specific radio band, and you'll be able to communicate with people through that band. However, to start communicating over any shortwave frequency, you need a license.

Are shortwave radios obsolete?

Answer: Absolutely! Regular shortwave radio listeners already know the answer to this question. Sure, the landscape of the shortwaves is changing, but it's such a vast landscape that, even with a few major players dropping out, there is still so much to hear and appreciate.

How far can a shortwave radio reach?

Shortwave radio travels much farther than broadcast FM (88–108 MHz). Shortwave broadcasts can be easily transmitted over a distance of several thousand miles, including from one continent to another.

Is a shortwave radio worth it?

If you want a complete shortwave experience so you are able to listen to amateur broadcasters and communications from all around the world, it's worth the cost. Overall convenience. Other than the more technical stuff, you should consider features that make a radio fit your specific needs or interests.

What is the point in short wave radio?

Shortwave radio is used for broadcasting of voice and music to shortwave listeners over very large areas, sometimes entire continents or beyond. It is also used for military over-the-horizon radar, diplomatic communication, and two-way international communication by amateur radio enthusiasts.

What happened to HCJB?

After nearly 80 years of shortwave broadcasting from Ecuador, Radio Station HCJB ended its extensive worldwide shortwave transmissions on September 30, 2009. The international transmitter site in Pifo was dismantled to make way for the city of Quito's new airport.

What is the most powerful radio station?

Beginning in the 1920s, Cincinnati businessman Powel Crosley, Jr., ventured into radio broadcasting, establishing WLW, a Cincinnati radio station. He increased the station's broadcasting power to 500,000 watts, making it the most powerful station in the world.

Can microwaves be diffracted?

Diffraction is when waves bend around the corner of an obstacle. The maximum effect is when the gap and wavelength are about the same size. But microwaves with wavelength of centimeters tend to go straight.

What travels farther AM or FM?

FM transmission has broadcast waves ( 88-108 MHZ) that are shorter than AM broadcast waves (540 – 1600 kHz) and do not go as far. FM radio waves also travel horizontally and skyward. However, due to the higher frequency of the carrier waves, the waves that go skyward are not reflected.

Can ham radio pick up shortwave?

Shortwave listening includes listening to anything in this range, including broadcast shortwave. CB and Ham Radio in the US allow receiving and transmitting on specific ranges of frequencies based on laws and rules formulated and enforced by the FCC.

Is a CB radio a shortwave radio?

Citizens band radio (also known as CB radio), used in many countries, is a land mobile radio system, a system allowing short-distance person-to-person bidirectional voice communication between individuals, using two way radios operating on 40 channels near 27 MHz (11 m) in the high frequency (a.k.a. shortwave) band.

Are walkie talkies shortwave?

Specifically GMRS and FRS walkie talkies, no. They are on UHF. Much higher freq that shortwave.

How long is a shortwave antenna?

The length of the antenna needs to agree with the length of the longest radio waves that you want to receive. Shortwave broadcasters use frequencies that are from about 50 to about 400 feet long, and an effective antenna needs to be at least one-fourth of that length — and one-half is much better.

How do you make an antenna for shortwave listening?

How many shortwave bands are there?

International broadcast bands

Band Frequency Range (MHz)
75 m 3.9–4
60 m 4.75–4.995
49 m 5.9–6.2
41 m 7.2–7.45

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