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Do Tokens Enter The Graveyard When They Die?

Do tokens enter the graveyard when they die? A creature token that dies goes to the graveyard, just like any other creature. Once in the graveyard (or any other zone), there is a state-based action that causes the token to cease to exist.

Do tokens leave the graveyard MTG?

Tokens are not cards even if represented by pieces of card board. Tokens cannot trigger the artifact for that reason. They do leave the graveyard by ceasing to exist, since they were there and then they are not, therefore they left.

Does Grave Pact work with tokens?

When tokens are sent to the graveyard, do they trigger Grave Pact's ability? Yes, tokens will be in the graveyard long to enough to trigger any relevant abilities (such as that of Grave Pact), then cease to exist as a state-based action.

Do tokens die when exiled?

Nope. The token is essentially removed from existing at all. Just like a token can't actually be placed into the graveyard. Tokens only exist on the battlefield.

Do tokens go in the extra deck?

Tokens are Monsters Special Summoned out of nowhere by a card effect. These monsters are not included in the Deck, Extra Deck or Side Deck, as stated on the limitation text of each Token card.

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How long do tokens stay in the graveyard MTG?

Tokens go to the graveyard when they die, then they go away forever because they are not cards. You get triggers though. 110.5f A token that's in a zone other than the battlefield ceases to exist.

Do tokens trigger death effects?

If something had a “when this dies” is killed by [[Lava Coil]] it doesn't trigger because it doesn't go to the graveyard. But tokens don't either and yet things like [[Cruel Celebrant]] and the passive of [[Liliana Dreadhorde General]] trigger when they die from damage or sacrifice or destroy effects or whatever.

Do tokens die when returned to hand?

Unfortunately, no, it doesn't die. "Dies" has a specific meaning: 700.4. The term dies means “is put into a graveyard from the battlefield.”

Do tokens have a Colour?

Yes, they're white. The effect that creates tokens will specify what color they are. The effect that creates the token specifies the color.

When a token dies in Magic The Gathering?

Yes. "Creature" means "creature permanent" which means "creature card or token on the battlefield". Once a creature token "dies", it goes to the graveyard and then ceases to exist.

Does Syr Konrad trigger himself?

For everything but himself, yes. Creatures that die simultaneously see each other die and will trigger effects accordingly.

How does Syr Konrad work?

If one or more creatures die at the same time as Syr Konrad, its first ability triggers for each of those creatures. In a Two-Headed Giant game, Syr Konrad's first ability causes it to deal 1 damage twice.

Can you take control of a token?

The player who created the tokens with Trostani, and thus is the owner of those tokens (C.R. 110.5a), will gain control of those tokens "at the beginning of [the] end step" referred to, even if those tokens entered the battlefield under another player's control.

Are creature tokens creatures?

Most tokens are creatures, but either way, it's written on the card that produces the token. If you take hive stirrings for instance, it specifically says: Put two 1/1 colorless Sliver creature tokens onto the battlefield.

Do white tokens count towards devotion?

Now if you use something like Fated Infatuation to make a token of a creature, that token will count toward Devoted in the same way that the original card did. If the cloned creature had a mana cost of 3 colorless and a White, the token will also add one White to your Devotion count.

Can I use tokens to link summon?

As long as the materials meet the requirements of the Link Monster you want to Summon, you can use a Token or Trap Card that is treated as a monster as the Link Material.

Can you equip tokens?

A Token can be treated as an Equip Card by a card effect (such as "The Grand Jupiter"), but cannot be Special Summoned from the Spell & Trap Zone.

How do you pendulum summon?

What happens if a token is returned to your hand?

Token creatures will go to the hand for a brief time while the spell or ability is resolving - then they cease to exist when state-based actions are checked since they're no longer on the battlefield. A token that's bounced back to its owner's hand won't really be able to do anything before it ceases to exist.

Do commanders go to the graveyard?

If your commander would be put into the graveyard or exile, you can opt to send it to the command zone. If you do, it will hit your graveyard or exile and then be put into the command zone the next time state-based actions happen.

Is sacrificing a creature the same as it dying?

While a creature being sacrificed isn't the same as a creature dying, the result of sacrificing a creature normally results in that creature dying. This can change, however, if effects like Rest in Peace prevent them from ever going to a graveyard, though.

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